The Torres family has been carefully sourcing and building relationships with farmers and importers since 2006 so that it can ensure not just a consistent cup of coffee but THE BEST cup of coffee in your hand, year round. BCR prides themselves in small-batch, hand-crafted coffee roasting approach and feel confident it reflects in each and every cup.

Hand-crafted Blends


Meet Emma and Fernando Torres

Fernando and Emma Torres came from Colombia, South America – one of the largest coffee producers in the world – and settled in beautiful Bellingham, WA in January of 2000.

Their passion for coffee sparked the foundation to what Bellingham Coffee Roasters has now become; a family-owned and operated micro-roaster of fine coffees. 

Founded in 2006 with one clear mission; to source, roast, and brew the finest coffees from around the world sharing that passion and experience one cup at a time.

Chris Sinclair
Chris Sinclair
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"Two days ago I had the best cup of coffee of my life, and I've been drinking coffee for 40 years. We were at the restaurant in the Chrysalis Hotel in Bellingham last Sunday, ordered coffee, and when we took our first sips we looked at each other with big wide eyes, set the cups down, my friend said "Oh my God" and I said "Wowwww". It was amazing, and I never knew coffee could taste that good. We asked the waiter who made the coffee and he said Bellingham Coffee Roasters. This stuff makes me want to write poetry. Portland and Seattle might be the "coffee capitals" of the U.S., but if they don't serve BCR, they're a huge notch down from places that do. I'm hooked, ordering some today, and if 10 stars were available, I'd be clicking on 11."
Dane Loewen
Dane Loewen
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"One of my favorite coffee,there service is great Must try coffees of the year."
Katie Nolan
Katie Nolan
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"Ohh. Yum. Best coffee!"
JL Talamantes
JL Talamantes
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"I love your coffee! Your blends are amazing. The whiskey barrel aged coffee is to die for. abrazos! Gracias"

Take my hand now. We’ll wander the streets of old Bellingham and take in the wonder of the Pacific Northwest. Imagine the whispers and conversations of those who walked the roads before us. A little bit of this blend is, indeed, like stepping into a time machine. But don’t worry, these beans are modern and refined. A kick that will give you nostalgia for those simpler times. Been a long day, but you want to keep it going, and so watch the sunset over those old brick buildings. It’s twilight, yes, but we’re still awake and ready to go.

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Red wings mean one thing and that’s refinement. Aged to perfection, so when you sip, your palate is coming to life. Let others grab a cup of brewed beans that taste the same as any other. But for you, even though you need that jolt, that pick-me-up, you’ve opted to educate your palate with an aged brew. Taste those oak notes? Savor that sweet aroma? What’s that you say? Faint but oh-so-welcome saltiness? Spread those red wings, folks, and revel in an expert blend.

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That’s right. You need something old, something ancient. Something that says I’m not only awake, but I just might bare my fangs today. You’ve entered Raptor Ridge. These aren’t old bones, oh no, they aren’t. These are beans that are made for screeching and scratching, for running in packs and getting out ahead where you deserve to be. So, before you go extinct, buy a ticket to Raptor Ridge and see what you’ve been missing.

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One of our coffees coming from Colombia in its full splendor. This coffee grows in the foothills of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. These crops are covered under shade of native trees and use natural water resources. Oh.. and it's Organic! Available Online and select grocery outlets through the West Coast.

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ORCA BLEND (new blend!) -

As the purple light of dusk falls upon us, we look to the sea. But the night is not yet here, so why are the waters so inky black? And yet, there is a glimpse of white. There are splashes here and there, and suddenly a blow! Something in the waters keeps us still, impatient, waiting for the moment when they reveal themselves. And now they leap through the waves! Singing sweet songs because they are never silent or still. Black as ebony, white as snow, our loving friends the Orca come to pay us a visit. This, a blend the brings us the best of both worlds.

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