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Colombia – Titiribi

This coffee comes from Titiribi, Antioquia . It’s part of a co-op or 10 farmers including 3 female ran farms and cultivars. Grown 1650-1800 masl. Red honey process
Hand picked and selected from the tree , floated, then depulped and put into food grade plastic tanks for three days before heading into the first drying stage for 8 days. Then moved to another drying bed for a more high heat dry for 20-25 days, finished in a solar dryer and then stabilized for a 1-2 months in a green storage room .

At the time this coffee was purchased farmers were paid 3 x over the commodity market for there cherries. Allowing them not only to have livelihood but also be more comfortable. Collectively this method of buying is different as we buy cherries and help take care of processing to relive pressure from the farmer and labor costs.

In the cup: Honey dew, red fruits, molases, panela, clean, citrus.

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