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Holiday Blend 2021

As the snow gently falls and sleigh bells ring off in the distant night, there are footfalls nearby. Sinking into the fresh snowfall, they head toward the barn where soft, warm light glows. It’s inviting, cozy, and as we grow near the wreath, weaved with holly and adorned with a bright red bow, we feel welcomed and loved. It’s time once more for a blend that wraps up the year like a present. Something that says, do you remember when? And all those tastes from spring, summer, and autumn come rushing back in one festive, cheerful blend. Once more, the Holiday Blend helps warm you on those cold winter nights. So, when the singing begins and laughter echoes through the evening, make sure to have your cup of memories nearby to warm your heart and keep you going for a wonderful new year ahead.

Medium Roast – 100% Organic







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