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Honduras – Finca Magdalena

Finca Magdalena – Cerro Alto, San Pedro, Copan, Honduras.

Altitude: 1,300 masl

Variety: Lempira

In the Cup: Chocolate, sweet, creamy, almond notes and medium acidity

Four generations of the Alvarado family have been part in the careful and methodical process of growing and harvesting this wonderful Honduran coffee we now get to share with our fellow coffee lovers.

Our very own Amilcar’s (coffee roaster for BCR) family – Alvarado family – has grown this coffee in the mountains of Cerro Alto since the 1940’s.

Magdalena’s Farms pays homage to Amilcar’s mother (Magdalena Alvarenga) because of her hard work and dedication to both her family and farm.

The BCR family is extremely proud to have the honor of sharing this beautiful coffee and story with you.


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