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New Orleans Blend

Oh my, child, you thought Fat Tuesday came once a year? Think again. Got my fangs all tingly here, thankin’ my lucky stars that I got some New Orleans Blend ready to go. That’s right, darling, the saints are a marchin’ in, and they’re a-comin’ with a vigor you haven’t seen before! That’s because they loaded up with that medium roast flavored with chicory, ol’ Naw-lin’s Blend! So, my sweet, I’ll meet you down by the bayou soon, and when the fais-do-do begins, grab your New Orleans blend and let’s start dancin’!   Varietal: Icatu –Mundo Novo, Catimor Elevation: 950 – 1,500 m In the cup: Rich, well balanced deep body, hints of cocoa, with a subtle sweet after-taste.

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