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Viking Blend

Dawn breaks, and it’s time once more. Kiss your partner, grab your shield, and wave that flag that strikes terror in your foes. But before you head off with Ragnar Ladbrook, berserker, braid your beard and grab your favorite blend. Let it brew while you sharpen your sword and crack your knuckles. Viking Blend gets you howling, ready for raids and keeps you alert when you’re scouring for treasure. Sure, you could choose other beans, but will they write sagas about you then?   Comprised of coffees coming from the Americas and Indonesia. The beans used in this blend are carefully selected every year allowing us to provide a wonderful and consistent cup year round. Varietal: Catimor, Typica Elevation: 1,350 – 2,200 m In the cup: Full bodied with bright tones and medium acidity.




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