Whiskey Barrel-Aged Coffee

Right around the corner, the law is hot on the trail of the moonshiners. All the good ole boys want to do is have a little break during these hard times. And when you can’t buy a drink of the good stuff? Well, you gotta make it yourself. Time to hop in the Ford, crank the engine, and make sure to put the pedal to the medal because there’s no getting caught now. And once we’re safe, we’ll pour a drink, sit back, and relax. Our Whiskey Blend is all about that barrel-aged, classic taste. The same flavor from a great aged whiskey now percolates in the pot. And don’t worry, this isn’t moonshine, this is the good stuff. A little blend that’s both old and new, and a whole lot of smooth.

This is a fantastic combination of flavors by aging coffee for 3 months in Whiskey Barrels using one of our most favorite organic coffee blends. The result, an unforgettable cup of coffee.

Please enjoy either as a hot cup or cold brewed! Both amazing!


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