Whiskey Barrel-Aged Coffee

Red wings mean one thing and that’s refinement. Aged to perfection, so when you sip, your palate is coming to life. Let others grab a cup of brewed beans that taste the same as any other. But for you, even though you need that jolt, that pick-me-up, you’ve opted to educate your palate with an aged brew. Taste those oak notes? Savor that sweet aroma? What’s that you say? Faint but oh-so-welcome saltiness? Spread those red wings, folks, and revel in an expert blend.

This is a fantastic combination of flavors by aging coffee for 3 months in Whiskey Barrels using one of our most favorite organic coffee blends. The result, an unforgettable cup of coffee.

Please enjoy either as a hot cup or cold brewed! Both amazing!



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